Minecraft Creepypasta Legendary Entity Mod(1.16.5)-2024

Minecraft creepypasta legendary entity is specially made for you to create stories about Herobrine, entity 303, null, wizards, Vampires, ghosts, Devil Spider, And More!


Minecraft creepypasta legendary entity mod

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For Minecraft 1.16.5

what is Creepypasta Legendary Entity mod

This mod is basically for stories, you can create stories using its characters. These characters appear in your gameplay when you have no idea whether they come or not, they arise spontaneously. These entities or characters appear according to the laws of the game or through altars or commands. This mod offers direct interaction with these creepy entities. The mod can also be useful with the Mob Battle series as it has many useful tools for it.

creepypasta legendary entity mod

characters included in Creepypasta Legendary Entity mod

These are the entities (characters) in this mod:

  • Herobrine
  • Null
  • entity 303
  • notch
  • Stoneman
  • eyeball
  • angel
  • wizard
  • vampires
  • ghost
  • devil spider
  • herobrine cow
  • herobrine golem
  • herobrine villager
  • twisted Steve
  • Distorted Alex

objects included in Creepypasta Legendary Entity mod

These are the different types of objects in this mod:

  • various entities
  • strong sword
  • many blocks
  • many foods
  • many items
  • many consumables
  • many special powers
  • many special abilities

screenshots from the game

Entity 303 (1)

380704447 623494046643930 7837984028441296431 n

Herobrine (1)

383997660 1137523630554559 1228024731826443226 n

Entity 303 (2)

381546515 1998528150507013 2881645586151850963 n

Twisted Steve

384019389 24042263608752315 3158730608976913174 n

Herobrine (2)

383246718 845485536926599 2852186451728042721 n


381546518 693288969370994 6273319009010915719 n


384133048 1683113775520062 1851129037282259650 n


384075219 1077093900370301 2982361229456003345 n

Distorted Alex

383356667 339312051852352 2130378916071629422 n

How to download

  • After you have updated the Minecraft latest version, click on the given download button to download the installer.
  • Right-click on the downloaded file of the MINECRAFT CREEPYPASTA LEGENDARY ENTITY MOD, setup file.
  • Copy the downloaded file and paste the file into the Minecraft mods folder.
  • It is installed.
  • It requires a Minecraft Forge version.
  • This Mod Also Features Various Changes To Vanilla Minecraft! Such As Animations, Events, And Spawns.

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